Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj’s Message

Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj’s Message:
The ability of stem cells to repair the cells and tissues of the body is an observation that I have made in the many years that I have been treating patients with stem cell transplantation.
With the incredible daily advances in the use of stem cells to treat blood and immune deficiency disorders, we are learning that stem cells have greater potential uses and are functionally more efficient the healthier and younger we are.
As well as providing cures for blood diseases like leukemia, today I share the opinion of many other stem cell experts and transplant physicians that these cells could be used in the future to treat a wide range of chronic diseases.
However, we have to be clear that the currently accepted treatments for adult stem cells are for the treatment of blood disorders or disorders of the immune system. The research still has to be proven conclusively for other chronic diseases.
To help as many people benefit, the South Florida Stem Cell Health Bank offers individuals the opportunity of collecting and storing their healthy adult stem cells.
We all value our health and we want to preserve it for ourselves and our families for the future, where perhaps we can do everything we can for an extension of our health.
Kindest Regards,
Dipnarine Maharaj

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